A Mild Chance of Dragons

Originally I had planned to have an actual post of words today, but it’s headache-o-clock and words are hard.  We’re rolling ahead with more IntPiPoMo first.

I was late to the Dragon Age party, I played Origins last December for the first time.  I’d owned the Ultimate Edition for a while, I think I bought it while playing through Mass Effect 3 but decided to not start another large Bioware series right then.  Needless to say, once I started and got hooked, I consumed DA:O and it’s DLC as quickly as I could.  It’s been a little while since I poked through these folders… Onward with IntPiPoMo 28-36, featuring Silmeria Amell – Mage, Grey Warden, and Hero of Ferelden.

Sil’s not taking your BS.
DA:O’s auto screenshot feature is really nice
Prepare to be romanced
The Poet Tree.
I should’ve recruited Shale sooner
Mage + armor + big sword = winning.
… awkward.
Ser Pounce-a-lot ❤
I get to keep my fave Awakenings team in DA2, sorta…

I don’t normally use Silmeria for a character outside of Warcraft, but it worked for DA:O.  I had mixed feelings at first about different PCs for the DA games, but now I totally get it.  I just got spoiled by Commander Shepard.