(semi)Weekly art wrap-up, weeks #5 and #6

I suppose it would be boring if I were predictable and remembered to update these every week.. right?  I’m just going to let the links and preview pics do the work here tonight – I’ve got work left to do on a few projects right now.  One of those projects may or may not include Badges.  Shhhh.


013016 – Color puddle

013116 – Revenge of Poe Doodle-y

020116 – Sil face

020216 – Li Ming wip

020316 – Li Ming wip 2

020416 – Li Ming finished

020516 – Avalon Trevelyan, fashion disaster

And then… the week the Overwatch portraits took over… and yes, I’m currently planning on attempting all 21 characters.


020615 – Tracer

020716 – Winston

020816 – Happy Birthday Faebelina

020916 – Valkyrie Mercy wip

021016 – Valkyrie Mercy wip 2

021116 – Lúcio

021216 – Jack Morrison sketch


Weekly Art Wrap-up, Weeks #3 and 4

Uhm, so I managed to forget this not once, but twice.  I’ve had a bit on my mind these past few weeks.  Time to play catch up!


Both weeks have some WIP days as I work towards a ‘big’ picture for the week.  Week 3 focused on Star-Lord’s 40th anniversary, spilling into week 4 which is also full of Dragon Age as I finally finished Inquisition and the Trespasser DLC.  Also a few different painty experiments and new brush testing mixed in for funsies.