Weekly Doodle Round-up #1

I’ve mentioned a few times that I post daily doodles.  They all go to my Tumblr and occasionally my Twitter, but I haven’t thought a lot about putting them here until .. well, just recently.  Instead of daily (which I would probably get tired of in a hurry), I’m going to try a weekly format.  The current plan is to post these on Saturday, so the pics will be the week ending on Friday – except for this first edition which gets an extra day because.. Happy New Year!


I haven’t quite worked out the best way to do this, so I’m starting out with a graphic and links to the posts.  My main reasons for this project are:

  • Getting in the habit of using this blog more frequently, and hopefully writing more.
  • Better tracking of my doodles for personal reference.
  • Continue to share my artsy efforts, experiments, and struggles.

Let’s get to it!

There might have been a theme.

Yep.  Still in the Star Wars zone.

Most of this week was spent working on something that I can’t post for a few days, so almost all of the doodles were quick warm ups.  I picked up a new brush to try out, and it’s now been added into my Manga Studio sketching arsenal.

Speaking of brushes, almost all of my MS brushes come from Frenden, and he just released a big update to his MS brush packs this week.  I highly recommend them – I use the ink ones a lot.   So on that note … I’m off to do some updating and sketching!


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