Fantastic Finale

We’ve reach the end!  It’s time for the IntPiPoMo finale!  I’m wrapping up my first blog challenge with pics from Final Fantasy XIV, featuring my Roegadame Isalenne Walkure.  Let’s get right to it, pictures 44-50 (and one bonus).  No spoilers, just pretty colors and some cool outfits.

Isa the Hellsguard.
The ‘real’ Isa hairstyle came about because of this robe.
If you haven’t noticed, I love swirly colors.
Quill, the most fabulous chocobo.
Isa and her friends.
Spriggans ftw.
I’m the one that replays cut-scenes in different outfits.
And we’re finished!  Time for fireworks!

That’s it for IntPiPoMo!  It was a fun challenge and I’m glad I managed to make it all the way through.  Now I’ll be challenging myself to keep this blog going with some posts about art, games, and things.  I’ll be juggling this a bit with my on-going daily doodle posting on Tumblr – but I’m going to try!

Stoic nod.



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