Enter the Agent

November is almost over, and so is my IntPiPoMo  pic spam.  I knew SWTOR was going to make it in here, but the hard part was narrowing it down to which alt or what story.  The male Imperial Agent is one of my favorite voices in the game, I’ve enjoyed this story the most so far, and I really dig my snarky mostly gray-to-light Operative.  Here are a few random, unorganized photos of his adventures (that’ll be pics 37-43 of 50).  I’ve tried to avoid blatant spoilers for the IA class story and expansions, but there may be some mild companion or location spoilers (and a guest appearance by Sol’s Bounty Hunter).

swtor 2015-10-26 16-42-35-07
This lighting takes 10 years off my Agent’s age.
swtor 2015-10-06 21-43-02-09
Sometimes you gotta let the Bounty Hunter get the good lines.
swtor 2015-10-28 21-48-34-08
I wanted to include this because it was Worth.  Every.  Dark Side point.
swtor 2015-10-27 15-55-08-07
Sure, go with it.
swtor 2015-10-26 22-52-33-65
Love these colors.
swtor 2015-10-06 22-07-48-13
I just like the Vendetta armor set a lot.
swtor 2015-10-26 23-22-02-72

The Zayne Carrick armor is awesome for Agents.  I used a mixture of it for 85% of his class story, and later in KotFE.  I should have included some photos of his post-chapter 9 outfits that I made, because wardrobe photos are important.  Maybe next time!


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