WildStar (wait for it) Wednesday

I’m going with a pretty predictable theme for my next IntPiPoMo post for this Wednesday… WildStar.  This game is beautiful, I really don’t even need to tweak the screenshots.  Onward to #12-16 of 50, let’s go!

Welcome to the Wilds.
Granoks are so very cool.
Galeras is one of my favorite zones.
Love those colors.
Green means mysterious science!

WildStar just went Free-to-Play in September which is great – it’s a lovely game that should absolutely be tried.  I admit I haven’t spent as much time there lately as I should, but it’s a fabulous world to run around and just explore in for a while.  The housing is mind-blowing,  allowing for insane levels of creativity.  My characters live on Entity which has a pretty cool community, and the Black Dagger Society is a friendly bunch of people.  Be sure to check out their server event, Thaydfest 3, coming November 22!


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