Pandaren Beauty

To celebrate Blizzcon, I’m dedicating today’s IntPiPoMo to one of my visually favorite World of Warcraft expansions, Mists of Panderia.  Here are pictures 7 to 11.

I came into Mists after a long hiatus from WoW, but I think I was able to appreciate the beauty of the expansion more because I wasn’t worried about rushing from one zone to the next to stay “caught up”.  For the first time in a while, I just had fun with the quests and explored  (sometimes with a helping hand and two-seated flyer provided by Sol).  Of course I started Mists with Silmeria, but some of these screenshots I took on Wralley’s adventures.  Oh, and one baby Pandaren monk.

The Wandering Isle.
I still miss this.
Flying mounts are good for pretty picture taking.
Ground mounts are fine, too.
I loved the training montage SO MUCH.

I’m looking forward to seeing more lovely zones in Legion!


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