Mass Monday

Today I’m  kicking off the first of my IntPiPoMo 2015 posts, beginning with pictures 1-4.

After some consideration, I decided to begin with some screens from Mass Effect – the series that really made me learn to love my screenshot hotkey.  That’s not an exaggeration.  I installed Fraps for the first time ever because of ME2.  During my playthroughs I started taking more and more screenshots, and now I can’t seem to stop.  So it feels right to start with a few simple shots from each game of my first and favorite Shepard, Morgan.  And some Joker.  I like Joker.




Bonus ME2 cap.
Bonus ME2 cap.  Because of reasons.

The Mass Effect universe has a tremendous cast of awesome characters, and it’s definitely one of my favorite series.  I’ll be coming back with more caps and to talk about to the games (and other Bioware worlds) during the challenge this month!


2 thoughts on “Mass Monday

  1. Ravanel Griffon November 3, 2015 / 4:30 am

    Great pictures! I remember not being able to stop taking screenies when I was playing Mass Effect either. I’m also using Fraps – turned out for SWTOR well, too, because the in-game screenshot button doesn’t always work properly. Plus you get to pick where the screenshots go and in what format they are saved.

    Oh, and Joker is awesome. ^^


    • ammosart November 3, 2015 / 6:28 am

      Yeah – I love Fraps so much. I’ve been taking tons of SWTOR pics lately – definitely going to be some SWTOR screenie posts, haha! I’m also so used to the free version of Fraps, I still have it set on bmp and just batch convert and sort them with IrfanView. ^^;

      Thanks for the comment – always good to meet a Joker fan!


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